Governor Northam Announces 42 New Jobs in Smyth County

Scholle IPN Packaging, Inc. to invest $10.29 million to expand manufacturing operation.

Governor Northam Announces 35 New Jobs in Smyth County

Smyth County Machine, LLC to invest $2.1 million to expand manufacturing operation.

Regional Economic Development Award

Mount Rogers Region (VIAA) recognized for superior regional economic development plan

Branch Botanicals coming to Progress Park in Wythe County

Branch Botanicals announced Wednesday it will open an 80,000 square foot plant in Progress Park that will create 40 new jobs for the area.

Vaughan-Bassett to re-open Webb plant, company to invest $8 million, create 100-plus new jobs

With a glimmer of hope that the area has held onto for years, it appears from recent job announcements that Galax is starting to recover from the downward economic spiral.


Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company’s representatives announced to workers and elected officials on Jan. 26 that it will expand its factory in Galax in March, creating 115 jobs by 2015 and investing $8 million in the project.