On time Graduation Rates (2015)91.80%

Population age 25+ with Diploma (2010-2014)81%

Population age 25+ with Bachelor Degree (2010-2014)17%

Advanced Programs

Governor School Enrollment87

Students Enrolled in 1 or more AP Classes452

Students Enrolled in 1 or more Duel Enrollment Classes1607

Higher Education

High School Graduates Continuing Education (2014-2015)85.90%

Two-Year College Enrollees (2014)13,065

Two-Year College Graduates (2014)3,029

Four-Year College & University Graduates (2014)6,113




At a Glance:

  • Located in Blacksburg, Virginia approximately 40 miles from VIAA region
  • Nine colleges and graduate school
  • 90+ bachelor’s degree programs
  • 150 master’s and doctoral degree programs
  • 31,000 full-time students
  • 16:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Main campus includes more than 135 buildings, 2,600 acres, and an airport
  • Computing and communications complex for worldwide information access
  • Ranked 38th in university research in the United States
  • Nationally and Internationally Recognized Engineering School
  • Home to a vibrant corporate research center




At a Glance:

  • Located in Radford, VA approximately 30 miles from the VIAA region
  • 67 Bachelor degree Programs
  • 22 master and 3 doctoral programs
  • 10 post bachelorette programs
  • 10,000 students
  • 18:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Main campus includes 204 acres




At a Glance:

  • Located in Abingdon, VA
  • Provides 45 academic areas of study and Career Readiness Certificate Testing
  • 15 Certificate Programs geared specifically toward community, manufacturing, and workforce development
  • Provides Level 1 Manufacturing Technician Certification
  • Proud Partner to the local industry





At a Glance:

  • Located in Wytheville, VA
  • Offer approximately 30 academic programs and Career Readiness Certificate Testing
  • Associate Program in Machining Technology
  • Provides Level 1 Certification in Welding and Mechatronics
  • Proud Partner to local industry





At a Glance:

  • SVAM COE is currently establishing Level II Certification centers in the region that will focus on Seimans, AWS, and NIMS.
  • These programs will strengthen the manufacturing workforce through the suppy of skilled welding, mechatronics (CNC), and metalworking labor.





At a Glance:

  • Southwest VA Higher Education Center was the first multi-college establishment in the Commonwealth. Having university affiliations with VCU, Virginia Tech, UVA, Radford, and others allow the center to offer 90+ degree programs that include many Maser level and Doctoral programs.





At a Glance:

  • Located in Emory, VA right off I81
  • 64 Programs of Study
  • 7 Graduate programs
  • 1,000 Students
  • 11:1 Student-Faculty Ratio
  • Main Campus includes 335 Acres


The United Way of Southwest Virginia Ignite Program sparks career interest in the next generation of Southwest Virginia’s workforce through career awareness and hands-on learning. The program helps bridge the gap between the worlds of learning and work by connecting schools and students with employers and employees. Across the United Way of Southwest Virginia service area, the Ignite Program is investing in the lives of over 29,000 students – enabling middle school and high school students to realize their potential and be ready to enter and advance in the region’s workforce. For more information, visit unitedwayswva.org/ignite


Virginia’s Career Readiness Certificate (2015-2016)
VIAA Region 711
Extended Labor Market 780
 Total 1491